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Fingerboard Workbook Series

Map the Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass for Good

Cello & Bass Workbooks now available!!!

Are you learning how to play the violin, viola, cello or bass? Would you like to know where the notes are? Would you like to learn the notes to music faster and with confidence? Are you an advanced string player who would like to sight read faster and play higher notes with ease?

The Fingerboard Workbook Series promises to transform your approach to one of the most common problems: Learning where the notes live on a blank fingerboard! These workbooks zero in on all the issues of playing on a fretless instrument. You will:
• shift your thinking
• advance your playing ability
• enjoy transformation

The Problem
When it’s time to learn new music – do you feel like a rat in a maze - having to figure out where to go by trial and error? What kind of rat are you?
• A blind rat? (Can’t visualize where the notes are)
• A deaf rat? (Can’t imagine the sound of the notes)
• A rat who can’t feel it’s paws?(No muscle memory)

The Solution
The Fingerboard Workbook Series trains violinists, violists, cellists & bassists to map the fingerboard by:
• Sight
• Sound
• Feel
Students identify the notes, place them visually on a fingerboard, assign fingerings, and train the ear and muscle memory by singing and playing.

The Results
• Learn music faster – more time to address other aspects of playing!
• Develop Confidence – less embarrassment
• Take on more challenging music – gratification!

The Difference
• Method books typically teach 1 – 2 new notes at a time keeping you in a small section of the rat maze. Why wait to learn notes one at a time through exercises or music? Get the big picture and learn all the notes together!
• Depending on your teacher or the method being taught, you may be only learning by ear, sight or feel. Learn all three and be an invincible string player!
• Theory is seldom taught in violin, viola, cello & bass books. It’s quite common in the piano world! The Fingerboard Workbook Series drills key signature reading, note reading, intervals and ear training.

The Support
You’ll never be alone. As you fill out the workbooks you’ll have access to the following resources:
• Charts
• Videos
Email access

The Trust - see Testimonials 

You can’t go wrong with this method. Everyone can learn something here! As a former "blind rat" I know! I’ve always treated my own violin training and teaching with integrity, creativity, and expressiveness. Using my intuition, sharing what I have to offer and observing the results both in my own playing and that of my students brings out the smile in me. Those who know me – know I smile all the time!
For those who prefer statistics:
• Over 20,000 individual lessons taught (25 years with a minimum of 25 students for a minimum of 32 lessons per year)
• Hundreds of students have studied with me developing a lifelong love of music
• 20 years experience with The Fingerboard Workbook for the First Position Map the Violin for Good – with a proven track record of student after student becoming fearless on the fingerboard.

These workbooks are applicable for all ages, different ability levels, and a variety of musical styles. Whether you are old or young, experienced or in-experienced, learning sheet music, the Suzuki Method, Celtic, Jazz or Fiddle, you are on your way to transforming your playing ability by de-mystifying the fingerboard.

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