Essential background

Fingering System

Review Questions

Essential Background Information

In order to fill out any of the Fingerboard Workbooks you will need the following basic background:

  • Ability to read notes on the staff
  • Ability to read sharps, and flats on the staff
  • Basic understanding of the order of notes (see video)
  • Basic understanding of half steps and whole steps (see video)

Please keep in mind that you don’t have to be a fluent note reader or know how to play all the notes on the violin, viola, cello or bass prior to using these workbooks.

You will be a fluent note reader and be able to locate notes after your work with just one workbook!

Why wait to learn notes one at a time through exercises or music? Get the big picture and learn all the notes together!

The Essential Background Information video explains the order of notes, half steps and whole steps.

The Fingering System video explains how to use the finger numbering system used in the violin & viola workbooks. Violinists & violists have fingering choices based on whether the notes are sharp or flat. The cello & bass workbooks do not have fingering choices. Fingerings are clearly marked on the Keyboard/Fingerboard charts.

The Review Questions video explains how to answer the review questions at the end of each Part.


  2019 Fingerboard Workbook Series
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