Bow Arm Boot Camp

Would you like to:

Dramatically improve your bowing? Save time learning by experiencing exercises rather than lengthy instruction? Become physically comfortable playing the bow? Be able to practice in the house without others complaining? Have a practice partner so you're not all alone? Enjoy yourself because your sound is more pleasing?

The Success Of Bowing Is Understanding How To Collaborate Between Your Bow, Bow Arm & Bow Hand.

Bow Arm Boot Camp will make that easy for you!

Gain a straight, smooth graceful bow stroke. Soak up the foundational skills. Beautify your tone with confidence, poise & control.

"What Is Bow Arm Boot Camp?"
Bowing lessons with master violin teacher Diane Allen who is highly intuitive.

7 lessons will be emailed to you weekly and consist of:
1 Video for Instruction
1 Video with guided Boot Camp Exercises “play along with me” style
Text outline of the lesson
A list of exercises to practice for the week

Typical Experiences of Bow Arm Boot Camp Students:
Bow Arm Boot Camp practice from what I have seen so far (2nd week) is really making a BIG difference. It is like a series of "Aha!" moments every time I practice the exercises that you suggest. It is so to the point that I have dropped everything else to devote my entire practice time to this since I have come to realize that I cannot continue on without this information and techniques. Thanks!!!
Pedro R.
Thank you so much for this. I can feel how my bow arm has developed so much over the last few months. It feels stronger and much more confident.
Penny P.

This online video course is for you if:
•You are any age!
•You are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player
•The music you play is any style: Suzuki, Traditional, Classical, Fiddle, Bluegrass, Celtic, Jazz players
•You are looking for results.
•You are dedicated to daily practice.

Big picture concepts covered:
•See Saw – completely explains each bow finger’s role
•Keep the Ball Rolling – helps conceptualize the interaction between bow and string
•Skeleton – reduces unnecessary tension in a BIG way
By shining the spotlight on bowing and studying it in an intensive fashion, you will get faster results in a shorter period of time. Violin study is so encompassing that when studying all facets simultaneously, progress can get bogged down. Bow Arm Boot Camp will give you an inspiring boost!

Propel Your Passion Into Action

$57 ($490 value - the cost of 7 lessons with Diane in person)


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