Performance Anxiety Rescue

Would you like to quiet your mind during a performance?  Would you like to perform without shakiness, heart racing or excessive sweat? Does the devil sit on your shoulder and whisper bad things in your ear during performances?

"Hmmm..." you wonder. "How does Diane know that I long for a worry free performance without embarrassement?"

Do you have a deep desire to share your music but are too embarrassed to let anyone hear you? Do you feel frustrated when you put a ton of energy & thought into a performance and then things go wrong? Does this sound familiar. "I sing my heart out and play great when nobody else is around..."

Truth be told - I've been there!

My story: After an enjoyable 15 years of performing completely stress free I had a bad experience. In front of a 100+ person audience my elbows and fingers completely locked. I couldn't move! Luckily I was playing a string quartet and had 3 friends to back me up! While they kept the music going (with worried eyes peaking over their music stands in my direction) I knew perfectly well how to handle the situation. What sparked the problem to begin with was what caught me off guard!

As you can imagine I had quite a bit of reflecting to do. Why had I experienced 15 years of worry free performing? Why did my successful streak end? I identified that I had been following a 5 step process that allows me to enjoy performing without any anxiety. What happened at this quartet concert? I missed 3 of my own steps!

Not only will I heed my own advice from now on, but I've developed a way to teach the 5 step process that kept me out of trouble for so many years! Step 1 of this process is "knowing your Performer's Role". My role is "sharing". It's why I perform & teach.

With the spirit of "sharing" I now combine my performing without anxiety know how with my intuitive skills providing you the opportunity to shift your anxiety to freedom"

Would you like to know how to perform in public without any mental, emotional or spiritual anguish? Would getting over your performance anxiety make it all worthwhile?

Performance Anxiety Rescue will make that easy for you!

Enter any performing opportunity with know how instead of riding the emotional roller coaster!

Performance Anxiety Rescue can be experienced through video first and one on one coaching if you need further assistance. You'll learn how to prepare for a worry free performance so you feel in control. You'll also find out how to handle yourself when things do go wrong. For those special cases when you feel deeply that there is no help for you...the resources are here.

Shine with all the time & effort you've put into your training. Pour your heart and soul into the music.

You can perform with passion and enjoy being heard by others.

Performance Anxiety Rescue Video Course includes 4 videos you can refer to as many times as you wish. In the videos you will get in depth information about: Performer's Role, Practice, Physical Release, Performer's Mindset, & Pulling it all together.

Value: $280


Contact Diane today for one on one coaching if video course doesn't completely solve your performance anxiety issues.


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