Ear Training & Muscle Memory

Denise had been practicing Sevcik shifting etudes. She struggled with the etudes and couldn’t make sense of them. She was frustrated and felt like finding the notes may as well be like finding a needle in a haystack. After her work with just one fingerboard workbook her shifting dramatically improved. Although the workbooks don’t train shifting – they have everything to do with studying the building blocks shifts rely on. After studying the intervals by sound and feel, Denise had a framework to re-approach the Sevcik etudes.  She found herself able to look at the Sevcik etude and figure out how it was supposed to sound before she played it. She also had newfound insight as to how to organize the feel of the distances between her fingers. Denise loved having a strategy to approach her shifting practice. Her accuracy with intonation improved and her confidence blossomed.

  2019 Fingerboard Workbook Series
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